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Are you looking for car servicing and live in Oxford, Bicester or Kidlington? Look no further than Summertown Garage

We provide maintenance for all makes / models of cars, and we pride ourselves in providing a professional service at a sensible price.

An annual or bi-annual service is the best way possible of keeping your car in good shape and ensuring trouble free running. All vehicles experience high levels of wear and tear from daily use alone, and all those miles can add up to worn out parts, or accumulated problems that can cause expensive and inconvenient damage over time.

What Kind Of Car Servicing Do I Need?

The right level of service for your car will depend on how recently it has been serviced, and whether key tasks are required: for example, a full service might include replacing your fuel filter.

Whether You Go For A Full Or Interim Service, We Will Undertake Tasks Such As:

  • • Oil change and oil filter change
  • • Checking lights, windscreen wipers, battery function etc.
  • • Checking and topping: brake fluid, engine coolant and power-steering fluid
  • • Checking the condition and pressure of tyres

For a full list of what your service will include, please speak to a member of our team.

The Benefits Of A Regular Car Service

Keeping your car service up to date will not only ensure maximum safety and performance for your vehicle; regular servicing is a good long-term investment that will pick up any issues that may emerge in a future MOT. Keeping your car running smoothly and ensuring the tyres are in good condition will also make your vehicle more fuel efficient – saving you money against expensive fill-ups, and reducing the environment impact of driving.

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